Orb Rocker

Our four-way Orb Rocker allows up to four friends to play together. By combining the sensory delights from the sound of the Orb’s inner stainless steel ball bearings with the traditional design of a springer produces a fun, cost effective multi play rocker.

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The motion created by rocking equipment is useful for developing a child’s sitting, balance, posture and head control. The addition of bright colours combined with the sounds created by the ball bearings provides a sensory stimulation as well as physical play experience.

This unit allows a side to side or back and forth movement for a least two children and up to four.

The Orb Springer has been designed so that children can achieve good sitting balance enabled by the hand grips. Due to the repetitive vertical movement involved in using the Orb Rocker, this unit is suitable for most physically able children with good muscle tone and head support who can independently use their hands to grip.