Daisy Picnic Bench – child sized picnic bench from Playscape Playgrounds

Help your children to make the most of the long summer days and enjoy their time outside in the garden during the Summer holidays with this attractive, solid wood construction picnic bench.

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The Playscape Playgrounds Daisy Picnic Bench is an attractive, solid wood child sized picnic bench.

The solid, durable nature of the timber construction of these benches make the Daisy picnic bench a perfect addition to your garden, which will last for many years.

You might consider painting the bench to suit the colour theme of your garden. These benches also look just as attractive if kept in their natural wood finish.

Different heights are available in line with classroom table heights for different ages of Children.

This bench is small enough to fit in a compact back yard and yet sturdy and impressive enough to look fantastic in a larger garden.

You could consider siting the Daisy Picnic Bench within an existing play area or pair it with one of our Adult Picnic benches – the Claire bench in a shady garden spot to create an ideal setting for children parties. This child sized picnic bench is also a great addition for outside family gatherings and BBQs. Your kids can feel a bit like the grown ups when it comes to eating outside.

We construct these benches using high grade laminates and pressure treated FSC certified timbers. These materials are used so that they withstand outdoor weather conditions.

With all of our child sized Picnic Benches we pay particular attention to the child friendly elements of the design. You will notice that we eliminate sharp corners and edges within the design of our picnic benches and supply them to you with a smooth sanded finish.


We ship our picnic benches free to anywhere in mainland UK. Due to the high quality solid wood construction and design of our picnic benches we only build to order. We aim to deliver your product to you within a fortnight of placing your order.