Chime Quartet

The Chime Quarter is a step up from the Chime Solo and provides a fabulous opportunity for children to work in a team and learn how to create music and coordinate their skills. This would be at home as much in a playground or in a woodland to create soft sounds to draw children and visitors into a space.



– The action of hitting a note is instantly gratifying and moving from one post to another to make a sound can be a good way to push physical exercise and movement.
– The chime quartet is a wonderful way of including a deaf child within musical play. Four players can learn to cooperate with each other to make a tune and beating in time. The game becomes the movement rather than the sound.
– A child with ADD benefits hugely from focusing on music, and this is a nice introductory way to bring music in as a playful medium where a child can move from post to post to create sound.
– Learning to make a sound when it’s your turn, by listening and concentrating, helps children to work in a team and develop close social connections.