Playground design and install for Larklands Infant and Nursery School in Ilkeston

Larklands Infant and Nursery School in Ilkeston, Derbyshire called Playscape Playgrounds with a need for a new playground design to update and revamp an outdoor play area. The space consisted of a lot of tarmac with some grass area.

The Larklands brief was simple: utilise the space, keep the Children interested and make them want to get outside in the fresh air to improve their co-ordination, balance and fitness.

The new Larklands Playground Design

Playscape Playgrounds used a variety of materials in the playground design, including steel, rubber and timber.

Our ‘Maxi’ all in one outdoor gym station was supplied and installed to occupy up to eight Children at once. It includes two bikes, tai chi discs, a skier for two and a waist twister. Manufactured from powder coated steel, it is sure to entertain lots of Children for many years to come.

We came up with a small, fitness and co-ordination inspired timber trim trail for another area of the playground which was integral to the new playground design and fulfilled another element of the brief. The trim trail features a sloping balance beam, stepping logs, rope tunnel bridge, a-frame with nets and a traverse wall rope crossing. Playscape finished the area by making it an all year round facility with the addition of rubber soft tread safety surfacing all around, including a path leading in and out of the trail at each end.

On the tarmac playground we supplied and installed two different kinds of outdoor activity markings. The first was a dashed yellow line, forming a box for the Children to run laps around in order to help them complete their ‘Golden Mile’ on a daily basis and the second was within the area created by the Golden Mile box. This featured an activity line which has a start and finish point for the Children to follow and complete different activities including Hop Scotch, jumping and more.

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The trim trail was integral to the playground design at Larklands
larklands ilkeston playground markings installation